Dan Kim

The future of our community is YOU! (Droidcon NYC 2018 Keynote)


Keynote: The future of our community is YOU

Every day each one of us turns to community contributions to help us become better developers — blog posts, open source projects, conference talks, podcasts, and so much more. Can you imagine if these resources didn’t exist?!

And while our community is strong today, it’s healthiest when it continues to grow from a broad set of interests, backgrounds and opinions. That diversity and knowledge to keep our community strong can only come from one place: YOU.

I’ll share my thoughts about how this community has helped me (and others) grow, why that’s so important, and ultimately why it’s crucial for all of us to contribute. I’ll discuss five (or so) areas, each with some high level tips to get you started, that we can all contribute to to keep our community strong and healthy.

You’ll leave this talk not just grateful for our wonderful community, but also inspired to get started on contributing back too!

The Android community has proven to be one of the most welcoming, friendly, helpful, generous groups I’ve ever encountered. Let’s keep it going!