Dan Kim

Ktor for Mobile Developers — Fear the server no more! (KotlinConf 2019)


Building mobile apps is what we love to do, but there’s always one nagging problem — writing server side components to support our apps can be surprisingly complex and difficult. There’s a lot of overhead and a bunch of unfamiliar languages, frameworks, and styles of programming that we’re not used to.

But fear the server no more, here comes Ktor!

In this talk we’ll walk through a real world example of how Ktor (and your existing knowledge of Kotlin) makes building server side components for your app a breeze. We’ll start with a basic introduction of Ktor and its components, but we’ll quickly get to building something real. Using a well known service/API, we’ll walk through everything you normally need to get up and running: authentication, getting data, posting data, and deployment.

By the end of the talk you’ll have a good idea of how to hook up your own server side components to pretty much any API out there. Let’s conquer the server with Ktor!


Code Sample