It's My Birthday and I Could Use Your Help


I turn 43 today. I’m humbled and lucky that I have everything I could possibly need or want.

But many others are hurting, struggling. I’m hopeful that we can start to turn the ship around if we support the right causes.

So I could really use your help right now.

I’d be so appreciative if you’d consider donating whatever you can to the causes below. Even just a few bucks can make a big difference.

I’ve tried to provide a variety of things I care about, with the most important being the upcoming election. But if you’re not politically minded or don’t agree with my politics, I hope something else on this list hits home for you. But if not, that’s OK too!

Thanks in advance for all the birthday wishes and contributions. Y’all are wonderful people and I look forward to REALLY celebrating in three weeks. 🙏

Links below.

🇺🇸✅ The 2020 Election

✊🏿❤️ Social Causes

👧👦 Our Little Ones

🐶🐱 Furry Friends