I'm grateful to be sick


Right now I’m sitting in a immediate care facility — one of those places you go when you’re sick and you can’t quite wait for your normal doctor.

I’ve had a pretty terrible sore throat and earache for the past few days and it’s come to a head on New Years Day, when nearly everything is closed. I’ve been in pain, grumpy, and tired for days.

And yet, I’m really kind of grateful for this illness.

I’m grateful that I’m in wonderful general health (an occasional illness like this aside!)

I’m grateful that within minutes, I was able to self diagnose my symptoms on Google as something that a professional should treat.

I’m grateful that, on New Year’s Day, an immediate care facility is open and taking patients.

I’m grateful that I was able to leave my children in my awesome wife’s care, hop in my car, and drive only 5 minutes to this care facility.

I’m grateful that I only waited 45 minutes to see a physician.

I’m grateful the physician was so easily able to diagnose my symptoms and prescribe medication, which will have me feeling better in just a few days.

I’m grateful I could take that prescription to Walgreens just down the block, where they have it in stock and filled within 30 minutes.

I’m grateful that I work for Basecamp, who takes wellness seriously. We have top notch insurance that ensures this isn’t a major financial burden. And I’m never pressured to “work through an illness” — sleep and rest are highly valued!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this has been a fantastic way to spend the last few days. Far from it. Activities were canceled. My wife had to pick up the slack with the kids. And I feel like a blob.

But anytime I get sick, it helps me realize how grateful I should be for what I do have. It truly is an opportunity to focus on the good in life. ☺