What's keeping me away from Windows Phone


I really like Windows Phone. In fact, I’d like to jump ship to it.

I’ve admired it from a distance for at least a couple years. My friend Mark, who works for Microsoft, was an early adopter. I remember playing with his first phone a couple years ago in Seattle, and I was genuinely impressed.

So why don’t I switch? There is no simple, single answer. It’s a bunch of small things - habits and fears - that make me hesitate. And it doesn’t hurt that iOS is still, pound for pound, the best mobile OS out there.

So what are all the small things? (Remember, these are habits and fears - e.g., emotional and probably illogical).

So you can see, it’s a pretty long list. And the thing is none of these are, by themselves, deal breakers. But the amount of effort it would take to overcome these is just too high for me. I am an old, lazy curmudgeon who will stick it out on iOS. I think.