Jailbreak apps that made the cut


In a a previous post I investigated Jailbreaking and outlined my initial setup.

Some of those apps made the cut, while others ended up not being that useful. Here are the ones that stuck, in order of awesomeness.

  1. Springtomize. Fixes 90% of UI irritations. Hides apps, resizes icons, removes labels, improves folder interaction, removes status bar icons, etc.
  2. Auto App Updater. The one Jailbreak that should clearly be an iOS7 feature. I never open up the App Store to update apps. It all happens in the background.
  3. iBlackList. Blocks spam calls. I set a list of spam phone numbers, and they’re automatically blocked. My phone never rings from spam calls.
  4. SwipeSelection. Another obvious one for iOS7. An incredibly smart way to move the cursor by swiping over the keyboard. No more using the God awful magnifying glass to place the cursor.
  5. Activator. Assigns shortcuts to launch apps through gestures or buttons. For example, I can hold my up-volume button to launch the camera from the lock screen.
  6. Browser Changer. Sets the system browser to whatever I want. In my case, Chrome instead of Safari.
  7. BiteSMS. Like a better iMessage. Quick replies, greater control and flexibility, more reliable.
  8. Caffeine. Disables screen lock at an app-level. For example, when I’m using Basecamp I want the screen to never auto lock. Every other app still will auto lock the phone.
  9. NowNow. Uses Activator to launch Google voice search. I hold down my down-volume button, and I have a better version of Siri.
  10. OpenNotifier. Sets status bar icons for whatever app you want. I use it to put an envelope icon in the status bar when I have new mail. This lets me see that I have new mail from anywhere. Duh Apple, duh.
  11. DietBulletin. Makes notifications in the status bar thinner and smarter. For example, for email it will scroll the person’s name and subject line.
  12. MultiIconMover. Another obvious one for iOS7. I can tap multiple icons and move them to different screens.
  13. SpringFlash. Uses Activator to turn on a flashlight using the camera flash. I double tap my sleep button from anywhere and have a flashlight.
  14. Nitrous. Enables the Nitro Javascript engine for all browsers. Basically, faster browsing.
  15. Go2Now. Uses Activator to launch a specific URL.
  16. PKGBackup. Backs up all data and settings to Dropbox. I don’t trust iCloud any further than I can throw it.
  17. Bolt. Lighting bolt icon in the status bar when plugged in. Smaller than the normal battery icon and saves space.