Being a parent is hard. Being an introverted parent is really hard.


As an introvert myself, I’ve often wondered if it’s harder for an introvert to be a parent compared to an extrovert.

Kids require a lot of attention to keep them interested, learning, and happy. As parents it’s our job to provide stimuli and direction. We also need to respond to our kids’ incredible energy with care and joy.

For introverts “being on” 100% of the time can be draining and challenging. This is because:

This isn’t to say that extroverts have it easier. They face the same parenting challenges we do.

If anything it’s a compliment – extroverts deal with kids better than introverts. They thrive in high energy situations. They don’t need as much time to recharge. They are thoughtful but don’t overanalyze. They’re able to adjust better on-the-fly.

Being introverted is great advantage in many ways, but I think extroverts have the upper hand when it comes to parenting.