Automating my dev environment with AppleScript


The Starter League Winter 2013 quarter is in high gear, so I’ve been working on a number of projects simultaneously.

This requires a lot of context switching. Manually navigating around became a big waste of time, so I automated a few repetitive actions:

  1. Opening a directory in Sublime
  2. Opening a directory in iTerm
  3. Opening a localhost URL in Chrome

I pieced together an AppleScript that does all of that for me. I simply set two paths in the script (file and URL), and the script does the rest.

I’ve made multiple versions, one that opens up the right environment for each project. I never have to open those apps manually again.

You can clone the AppleScript from Github, change those two paths, and start saving yourself some time.

(You can get crazy with it too - open Bash scripts, start Jekyll servers, open CodeKit, etc.)